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Flagger Training - Sign 7' tall?? 18" or 24"?? Class 2 Vest??Approved National Safety Council Flagger Training ProgramFlagger Training - Class 2 Vest???

Safe Steps Training, L.L.C. is "Creating Safer Steps" through innovative, interactive, and interesting safety training.

Certified Flagger Instructors - Rex on left, Mitch on right
Certified Flagger Instructors
Rex Rouse & Mitch Harris, Jr.
(We know the sign is too short. It is small so it fits the room)

Flagger Training NEEDED!


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Welcome to Safe Steps Training, L.L.C.

North Carolina 
Effective July 2010
(this site is dedicated to N.C. due to timing. We will travel coast to coast and beyond)

Anyone directing traffic
in a work zone must complete a
North Carolina Department of Transportation Approved Flagger Training Program

One, if not the, most important
person on your crew is

The Flagger

Flaggers make the most number of contacts with the public out of all highway workers. They are the most visible people on the crew. They are the first representation of YOUR company that the public sees. They are also the first representation of your company that OSHA sees when they happen to pull up at your work zone.

Safe Steps Training is providing your Flaggers with a North Carolina Department of Transportation Approved Flagger Training Program

Safe Steps will train your people to become Certified Flaggers so your work zone can be safer for your flagger, workers, road users,
as well as your equipment.


Safe Steps Training is a full service safety solution. We provide training, consultation, and procedure writing.
Distance is never a problem.

Don't let the domain name fool you!
See the home page for more information on the services we provide.

Have Passport, Will Travel.
Providing safety when &
where you need it.

What it takes to be a Flagger: 
Ability to 

  • communicate instructions clearly, firmly, and courteously;
  • move quickly in order to avoid danger;
  • control signaling devices;
  • understand and apply safe practices in stressful or emergency situations;
  • recognize dangerous situations and warn others .


Creativity in presentation”

“Couldn’t be better”

“Very informative!”

“Well presented”

“Good presentation”

“Safety procedures I was previously unaware of”

“Great job Rex!”

“Course was very well presented”

“One of the best classes we’ve had, thanks”

“Very nice class & interesting”

"Mitch and Rex kept the class going"




 Visit our exhibit at the

2010 North Carolina Safety Congress  

We will be in suite 236
(right in front of the elevators)

Proud Members of

Member of the National Safety Council

 Member of the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals

Mine Safety and Health Training - MSHA Training
Mine Safety (MSHA) training offered in both Part 46 or Part 48. Safe Steps
Training can provide MSHA training under your plan, under our MSHA Approved Training Plan, or we can help you develop a mine training plan as well as get it approved by MSHA.

Occupational Safety and Health Training
10 and 30 hour OSHA Outreach Programs Training is available. Have your employees get their 10 hour OSHA or 30 hour OSHA cards. They can get the training in the classroom setting or Online.

OSHA training is available Online at

General Safety
We can provide assistance with your Voluntary Protection Program or state program such as the Carolina Star. We provide training in the areas of Confined Space, Forklift training, AWP or Manlift training, Recordkeeping, Fire Extinguisher, and the list goes on. You can also get a lot of Safety training from out Online OSHA site

CPR & First Aid Training
Safe Steps Training offers training in three different formats. American Heart Association, National Safety Council, and American Red Cross. Safe Steps Training has the experience and expertise to be able to offer you a choice of training programs. This is something that is very rare in the area of training consultants. Our immediate surrounding areas are New Bern, Kinston, Goldsboro, Washington, and Jacksonville North Carolina

Emergency Response
Part of a good safety plan is preparing for "What If." Safe Steps Training helps prepare for that by offering Industrial Water Safety & Self Rescue, Low and High Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Structural Collapse, and Mechanical Entrapment.


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OSHA Voluntary Protection Program

BLS, CPR, First Aid, AED Training

Carolina Star Program Consultation

Aerial Work Platform Training

Brining Flagger Training To Your World
Brining Safety
To Your World

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